Tuesday, November 20, 2012

O Radiant Dawn

This year, I really want to focus on Advent. Every year we put an Advent wreath in our home and occasionally will light a candle, but there is no significance to it. I found a great advent book to use this year and am very excited. It is titled O Radiant Dawn and is by Lisa Hendey. It was released September 2012. I just received mine and read through it over the weekend, and I have to say, it is wonderful. It allows the whole family to get involved and truly focus on the Advent season, instead of jumping head first into everything Christmas. What is great about this little book, is that anyone can afford it! It can be found at online retailers, such as amazon, for around $1.25. I have not been out to my local Catholic bookstore yet, but I am sure you can find it there, or they would be able to special order it. 

Along with being budget friendly, there is so much substance to this book. It really brings full circle as to what we are to be focusing on during the advent season. Advent is a time for preparation. We are beginning a new liturgical year, which allows us to renew ourselves and prepare for the coming birth of our Lord, as well as, the second coming of our Lord. It is a time to reflect on what we need to change in ourselves to become fully prepared for our Lord. This Book allows you to walk through that preparation everyday. It has prayers and responses to pray with your family every day of Advent around your advent wreath. This is an easy way to bring Catholic tradition into your home, and help you and your children focus on what is to true reason for this wonderful season. So, "prepare ye, the way of the Lord.." 

Advent begins Sunday, December 2nd! It is time for you to prepare!


  1. Dear Happy Catholic Family - thank you so much for this very kind review. Here's a bit of ordering information: Order my new Advent booklet O Radiant Dawn for only $1 when you order 10 copies or more. Use the promo code catholicmom12 when placing your order at www.avemariapress.com to get this great deal. Advent will be here before you know it! Offer expires 12/15/12.